Agriculture Technology - The Future Of modern Farming Technology

 Agriculture technology

Agriculture Technology, smart farming
Agriculture Technology help in smart farming

Precision agriculture is introduced in our life. When advanced technology comes to enhance the agricultural method. and also the technologies are very cheap and helpful for big farms and also small farms. It also helps to manage the farm. Smart agriculture system is come to manage the big farm in a short period. And protect the grains from wasting. Smart agriculture systems help to control the growth of plants and animals. Also, help in the harvesting.

What are the new technology in agriculture?

Agriculture Technology, farm mapping
Agriculture Technology helps in mapping farm

1) Geographic Information System (GIS):-

It is a beautiful system that is very precise. GIS is use to mapping the farm and deal with the area which needs some caretaking. It also maps the area in quality of food-wise. And also store the data and smartly inform the person. It designs a map with the help of GPS, satellites. And collect the data by the user of sensor and drown etc.

Agriculture Technology, satellite  help in farming
satellite helps to protect crops from the storm

2) Satellite-Derived Data:-

satellite plays a very important role in farming and agriculture. It helps to predict the weather and it also helps to check the crops. Help to detect the the the storm. The government collects data by the use of satellites of different types of crops and their production per hectare.

It helps to make a decision to buy the crops from a specific area. The fertility of the soil with different types of scanning devices. which are included in satellite.

Agriculture technology, drones farming, drones technology
drones farming is best for Agriculture technology

Agriculture technology, drones farming, drones farming technology
drone farming technology

3) Drones farming:-

In today's time drones play a very important role in farming. the uses different types of sensors and collect the data from every small section of the ground. And used to treat the problem which slows the growth of crops and animals. With the help of IoT drones automatically spray on crops.

These types of drones are known as spray drones. It helps us to test the quality of the crops by scanning different types of plants with the help of a sensor. Drone Also helps to kill the unwanted plants and insects from the crops. In a very precise way.

robotics farming, Agriculture technology
robotics farming is the best example of Agriculture technology

4) robot farming:-

In today's era, we use the IoT plus robot to grow our crops frequent and easy way. Robots work automatically by using different IoT devices. Automatically scan the plant. And sensors used in agriculture to treat the plant with the given command by the operator. Saves a lot of time. It mainly works in big farms and also small farms. smart agriculture using IoT to automate the robot.

today is the era of digital farming which is very beneficial for big farmers to manage and control all farms digitally.

Smart agriculture system

smart agriculture system fully depends on smart technologies and robots drone and satellite.

agriculture drone price is too high. So that government also give some subsidies to that equipment. so that people can easily pay and use this.

sam Higginbottom university of agriculture who researches on these technologies also researches advanced technologies based on satellites. Also, many technology and sciences started research on these technologies.

artificial intelligence in agriculture India has a very big scope in India. Some startups work on artificial intelligence to help farmers.

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