Top most profitable farming crops - most profitable crops

The most profitable crop

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The profitable crops

Suitable crops are a good deal for farmers, and most. If we add profit then it becomes profit. which is the surplus bonus for farmers. Or we add brand value to the crops. Then it Biggest change for the farmers who has a small land and earning is also small. 

There are many poor farmers in the world. So our organization helps them to get more and more profit in different types of crops. To grow using organic seeds organic fertilizers.

So we also provide information about the different types of crops. Which is beneficial and in which season farmers grow these crops.

If increase focuses on consumer or market demand. Then we create a big profit from our crops. If we provide the best delivery system to reach the market. Then we also increase profit plus demand.
And consumer wants fresh material. So we provide them with using the different types of technologies like GPS and drone technology.

What is the most profitable crop for small farms?

If we grow Varieties of plants small farms can earn more because it is easy to manage.
Here are Some examples so you can easy to understand them.

Some profitable Cash crops

What are the 7 major food crops?

bamboo crops, most profitable crop,
The most profitable crop is bamboo

1) Bamboo is a very important crop for small farms. It takes less area also easy to manageable According to the grand view research the market of bamboo in global market, it's worth almost 69 billion dollars. Its demand is also day by day increasing in the US market.

Lavender  crops, most profitable crops
Lavender crops are the most profitable crops

2) Lavender is used in food flavor products, and also it is used for fragrances. It's also important in medicinal oil. And it also takes very less area but, the profit margin is very big.

Basil is medicinal crops, most profitable crops
Basil is also most profitable crops

3) Basil is a very popular herb. I want to grow this plant. then it has grown in a very unique environment. it needs a warm and humid environment.

most profitable crops, corn
corn is also the most profitable crops

4) Corn is an important and very demanding crop in the global market. It is used to feed animals and is also so used in making beer. It is Use in bread making. And it is used to making next-gen fuel

soybean, most profitable crops
soybean is also most profitable crops

5) Soybean is also a very important crop for small farming. It is also a very demanding crop in the global market because it is very rich in nutrients. most profitable crops in the world.

Saffron , most profitable crops
Saffron is most profitable crops

6) Saffron is a very popular crop and needs a very different environment. It is a very very expensive crop. In the Indian market and also in the global market. The best saffron producer in the world is Kashmir from India. most profitable farming crops in India.

flower, most profitable crops
the flower is most profitable crops

7) Flower farming is also the biggest and best option because flower farming is cheap and easy to maintain its need to transport carefully from farm to market.

These are high-profit cash crops in India.

Kharif crops is also a very important one in India 
kharif crops examples are:- paddy, maize soybean, groundnut, etc. these are also most profitable crops.

How to manage our small farm to produce higher and efficient and earn more and more money and also discuss on most profitable crops in India.

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