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 Drip Irrigation System

drip irrigation, micro irrigation
Best Drip Irrigation System


A drip system is the most advanced system. Which is introduced to save water save energy and transfer the best nutrients to the plant without any waste of water. The drip system is very useful in the low water table area. From the strip irrigation system, we directly give the water to the roots of the plant. It is also known as a trickle irrigation system. The drip system is made it possible to grow different varieties of plants. which needs low water for any reason in the world. Through the drip system, the growth of plants is not affected due to the least water problem in any reason in the globe.

What are the advantages of drip irrigation?

:) It helps to reduce water use by using smart technology which senses the moisture of soil and gives that much water plants need.
:) It also helps to save the plant leaves from overwater. Also, distribute water equally to all specific areas of the plant by using the advanced camera and IoT.
:) It also helps to prevent the soil from excess dry or excess moisture. So that plant grows in good manners.
:) It prevents the soil from soil erosion helps to reduce the runoff of soil.
:) Reduce the growth of weeds by giving less water to the weed and getting accurate and more water to the root of crops.

drip irrigation, drip irrigation system
Drip Irrigation System


What are the disadvantages of drip irrigation?

:) The biggest disadvantage of drip irrigation is the small holes in the pipe are blocked due to the iron particles and other particles of sandy soils.
:) Requires lots of time to set up the irrigation facility on the ground and make the accurate position of the hole nearest to the root of the plant.
:) It requires too much maintenance. It is Hard or tough to install the very sensitive and expensive equipment

Drip System Layout

In the drip system layout, the whole pipes are connect to the pump station. They are control by pressure sensors. Which sense the water pressure and manage the pressure of water. All the pipes are connect to the filter tank. Which filters the water also checks the pH level of water. Then discharge the water to the main pipeline. Finally, they get the main pipe and start to moisturizing the soil. Irrigation drippers to manage the moisture level of the soil. Setup is known as drip systems. The drip system in which the price or types of equipment which are use in the drip system irrigation make high. Drip irrigation emitters are control by artificial intelligence.

Automatic Drip Irrigation System

An automatic drip system makes things so easy to manage. It's fully changing the irrigation system. Mainly drip systems are best for dry land. Only emitters for drip irrigation are need more maintenance. Drip irrigation system diagram is more complex to design on the field. In drip irrigation pipes automatically flow water to the roots of the plant. Drip irrigation methods are modern than any other irrigation method.

drip irrigation system, micro irrigation
Micro Irrigation System

Micro Irrigation

Micro-irrigation is mainly based on a drip irrigation system which makes fogging the water make fog of water through sprinkles and cover a large area. Water-saving technique and make high productivity in terms earning. methods of drip Systems are more productive in less time. Government should make a plan support to the drip method of irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Types

Point-Source Emitters (Drip Bubbler)

The main point source of the liquid emitted from the pipe is very small so the water comes out in bubbler form and it works slowly. Due to micro holes.

In-line Drip Emitter

Tubing is very efficient and it is directly connect with the main pipes which are passing from the roots of crops.

Micro Spray Sprinkler

It is easy to manageable and operatable through one point and it covers the whole around the area. It also works using AI and iot devices.

drip irrigation, Advanced Techniques
Advanced Techniques

Why the world needs drip irrigation?

The water level of the earth is going down day by day and the population is increasing day by day. We need more amount of food in less space and less water we need this irrigation system to save water more and more. Plus it helps to grow crops in a drought climate. It supports the desert area where no water is present in large space.


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