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 Irrigation System

Irrigation system, Irrigation
Irrigation system

The irrigation system is the backbone of agriculture. It allows the plant to get water properly and also helps to save water. Water is a very important and essential part of human life and the earth. The water crisis is the biggest problem for humans on the earth. Because the population of Earth is going increase day by day. That's why we need an irrigation system to save water. Smart irrigation facilities also help to minimize the irrigation price. And, irrigation is challenging for farmers so they need smart options. How to manage it but if we use smart technology. That makes it so easy to manage it.

Types of Irrigation

Surface irrigation, oldest irrigation system
Surface irrigation

Surface irrigation

The surface irrigation system is the cheapest and one of the best Irrigation systems. It does not need too much advancement to work. It simply works on the principle of gravity. It is one of the oldest irrigation systems. Mainly we make a small path for water which driven through a pump and distribute all water using small channels. But it needs more men power than another irrigation system. But it is very simple and easy. It is also known as a flood irrigation system. The watering system is based on the canal or using pumps

micro irrigation, irrigation
Micro Irrigation


The irrigation system is an advanced irrigation system that is mainly based on advanced technology like and robots and IoT, devices. which control the water transfer from the sources which are mainly ground, ponds, and well. In a micro-irrigation system, our main target is to provide the water directly to the root using PVC pipes. We provide the water drop by drop to the root using AI with sensors. This is the best way to save water. But it needs a high initial investment.

Drip irrigation, efficient irrigation system
Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation

The drip irrigation system is a futuristic system. which helps to save water in very high amounts. And it makes possible to grow the plants in very low water reason. It is one of the best Irrigation systems all over the world. Mainly in a drip system for the garden which helps to save water as much as possible. In this system, water is directly given to the root of the plants by a dropper. But the dripper system is very costly for general farmers. In the dripping system sensors help to sense and then provide the water as much as the plants need.

Sprinkler irrigation
Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation

In this system water passed through a pipe with high pressure. And irrigate all around the area with the help of small pores. Water comes out from the pores like rain and irrigates the whole field. Sprinkler irrigation saves water 30% to 35% which is a very large amount. In irrigation, sprinklers need only extra maintenance that is a disadvantage of this technique. Sprinkler for irrigation is also very cheap and also it does not need much arrangement. It is also known as advanced irrigation.

Center pivot irrigation
Center Pivot Irrigation System

Center pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation system is also a type of Sprinkler method. Mainly in this system, the sprinkles are faced downward. It is connected with an autonomous robot that moves in the whole field. it needs more maintenance than sprinklers. Mainly it Works with the help of IoT.

Lawn sprinkler systems
Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinkler systems

The lawn sprinkler system is mainly working on lawns. it is fixed with one point and irrigates the whole part of a loan through a fixed point. With the help of a rotating sprinkler. It is very easy to fix and manage. The best part of this is, it irrigates whole the circular area through one fixed point. It's mainly used in a public park.

What is the average cost of installing a lawn irrigation system?

Some of the companies provide the lawn irrigation system at very cheap prices. but if you go to the quality of this system becomes expensive.

What is the best irrigation method?

The best Irrigation method all over the world is the drip irrigation system. This system helps to grow the plant in fewer water areas or in the desert areas which makes the biggest difference. If you want to know about the drip irrigation system then please visit this link click here.


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