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Soil Erosion

soil erosion, Its Effect of soil erosion
 Effect Of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest problems for the earth. And its impact is very high on the plant's life. the causes of soil erosion are a massive cutdown of trees. In this process, the uppermost soil is displaced due to the rain river and air. Soil lost its fertility and become dry dead and sandy. And it is a very serious problem for our Earth. Due to the erosion nature becomes imbalance. The quality of soil declines due to the changes in physical, chemical, and biological soil properties. And also soil loses its organic matter. And all the growth of free plants and trees stop and many of the organisms dead. It also affects the climatic condition of the area. So the ecosystem becomes imbalanced. 

What Is The Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion defines that the displacement of the uppermost soil due to external factors like air, water, glacier, and animals. It degrades the quality of soil which destroyed the ecosystem of the atmosphere. Definition of soil erosion is also the same as that migration of topsoil from one place to other.

soil erosion, Horticulture Global
Soil Erosion Causes By Deforestation

Causes Of Soil Erosion

The main causes of soil erosion are:-


When we cut a large number of trees from specific places. then the trees which hold the entire surface and ground soil becomes loose. they easily migrate from one place to another place through different agents. And it is the biggest factor all over the world for soil erosion.

Soil Erosion is Also Caused by Overgrazing:-

When a large group of animals grazes all the field. And plants don't get recovery time. When animals graze the plant the topmost soil becomes loose and the soil flows from one place to another place through different agents. And the remaining soils are less fertile.

Chemical fertilizers:-

Chemical fertilizers are also a factor for soil erosion. When farmers use pesticides and fertilizers. They use excessive amounts of phosphorus which imbalance the microorganisms in the soil. And Soil degraded their quality due to this the water flow easily Sweep the topsoils of field.


Construction of roads buildings and other structures. Which are created by cutting down a large number of trees. And the roads and buildings cover the soils and it stops the normal circulation of water. Which is not happening there. Due to this floods come and sweep out all the topmost soils from the area. What soil erosion create flood which is dangerous for our society.


Animals are one of the main causes of soil erosion. The movement of large animals group from one place to another place. They also carry a large amount of soil through their body and legs.

soil erosion , cracks on land
Soil Erosion Creates Cracks On Land

Why is it important to stop soil erosion?

Soil erosion affects the soil's health. This is the biggest problem because it degrades the fertility of the soil. And decrease the agriculture area. Also, decrease the production of the hygienic crop. Soil helps you managed carbon from the environment. Soil Is the home of all biodiversity so it is important to save the quality of the soil.

soil erosion, trees holds soil
Soil Erosion Due To Loose Soil

How can we prevent soil erosion?


soil erosion can be prevented by afforestation. we have to plant a large number of trees. Then we stop the soil erosion. Because trees hold tightly all the soil. And it presents the soil to sweep out soil from one place to another place.

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