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 Benefit And Importance Of Aqua Farming

Aquaculture, fish farming
Aqua Farming

Aquaculture is a very important part of the farming industry. The aqua culture industry depends on aquatic animals. 579 plus species are currently grown with the help of advanced technologies. And many companies are also coming into aquaculture with different ideas and different strategies. To increase the production rate of fish by using selective breeding.

what is pisciculture?

pisciculture breeding and rearing of fish artificially. Scientists research the fish breed and make artificial changes. To increase the production rate of fish and its size artificially. And it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Difference between pisciculture and aquaculture

aqua farming, mariculture
Cultivation Of Fish

aquaculture definition is the farming of aquatic animals. Aquaculture main carried out in freshwater and saltwater. pisciculture carried in freshwater, ponds, reservoirs, and tank. In pisciculture involves only the culture and rearing of fish where aquaculture involves the rearing of fish and other aquatic animals also. Pisciculture only depends on the cultivation of fish. Pisciculture and aquaculture both are carried out for aquatic farming.

What exactly is aquaculture?

aquaculture meaning is the cultivation of aquatic animals in a controlled way. aquaculture is a hot topic in a country's GDP growth. Cultivation of aquatic organisms in a controlled way for commercial purposes. Marine aquaculture is especially for the cultivation of aquatic organisms in the ocean. Term aqua farming was introduced for the blue revolution to focus on fish farming, aquaculture research. Companies Made fish farm for fish culture.

What are aquaculture and its types?

cultivation of fish, mariculture

1) Mariculture

Mariculture's definition is to deal with Marine animals. Mainly specialized in the cultivation and breeding of sea animals for food products and other products. Also, it is the bits of help in jewelry and pharmaceuticals cosmetics. mariculture in India is a million-dollar industry.

2) Algaculture culture

Algaculture culture is one that deals with the cultivation of algae. Which are deals with the simple plant-like organism. the most important photosynthesizing organisms on Earth.

3) Integrated Multitrophic Aqua culture (IMTA)

The concept was developed to increase the sustainability of the aqua culture system. it is based on the ecosystem approach in the balance between aquatic life and nature. It is based on the waste of shellfish and Marine plants depends on to grow.

Bioflock Fish Farming

Biofloc culture is a very new and cost-efficient Idea that helps to improve the environmental control over aquatic animals production. bio flog fish farming helps the fishermen to grow fish in a very efficient way. fish farming in India is one of the important jobs full local people who settled in coastal areas like Kerala fish farming in Kerala one of the profitable businesses. In India fish farming biggest market.

aquaculture,  mariculture in india
Fish Farming Business

Profitable Fish Farming Business Ideas


Basically, it is a freshwater fish and popular in the United States. it's not needed so maintenance facilities basically. It needs only freshwater.


This fish is mainly in demand for aquarium ponds. example of species of the fish are Goldfish, Bloodfin Tetras, White Cloud, Danios, Guppy,


EEL Farming is a carnivorous fish it is long snake-like smooth skinny fish that mainly live in freshwater. Fish need the breeding they prefer the sea. Also, it is profitable farming.

In the next blog, we discuss various types of profitable farming.


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